Artist statement Ginni Fleck

in Dutch

I create art to find that place in myself that is bigger than me. A place where I can lose myself in time and space. Yes, I make art from and for myself. But I also want to: make you curious, invite you to come closer and discover details: the depth, the stitches, the hidden layers, and to find joy in my work. Also by selling my work, I share it with others.

I am fascinated by techniques, materials and I love mixed media work, especially because of the enormous variation in technique and image. I like collage, layers, visible texture, and depth. I prefer to paint my textiles, to add paper, graphic elements and embroidery. I work both figuratively and abstractly – in both I can shape my interpretation of reality. Movement and rhythm are essential just like color and speed.

I recycle material until there is nothing left. I often work in series to try out new processes using the same materials. That’s how I get into the creative flow and I’m always curious. The intuitive process is leading: the hands make what the heart tells.

I get inspiration from, among others, textile collages by Fenella Davies, color nuances by Paul Klee, conceptual art by Louise Bourgeois and mixed media collages by Theo van Doesburg.

I am a member of De Concullega’s. I hope you will visit our site and our exhibitions.

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