Exhibition Concullega’s

This coming weekend is the first of three in which the Concullega’s will show their work together. Although Covid brought live exhibitions to a halt, we met via Zoom, inspired each other and made our own art while also creating a video for a digital exhibition (Textile Festival Leiden).

We all hope to see you over the next three weekends between 12 – 17.00 to share our work. I will be present the first weekend 28 & 29 August 2021 at the Huis Kernhem. Marjan van Holthe en Josien Eulderink will be available at various times over all weekends including 4 & 5 september, and 11 & 12 september, 2021. Unfortunately Diane Edes will not be present her artwork will!

We each have our own style of mixed media, fiber and craft related artwork. We tell our own stories, and it all comes together to create a highly creative exhibition. We hope to see you there!

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