Finding my center

In running a business, I find myself with constant chatter in my brain of things to do, people to talk to, visions to consider, e-mails to write, etc. Sometimes, I just need to go for walks and find my center. That is my way of meditating. On my last walk, my brain was insistently chattering so I repeated to myself,  here and now…here and now…here and now.  I took deep breaths, I smelled the clean air, I stopped and took in the small buds on the bare trees, and I listened to the birds sing. I found my center.

This leaf  dropped off one of my indoor plants and I decided I wanted to embroider on it. I pulled out my sketchbook to create a plan. I drew the leaf and the word NU (now) appeared on the leaf, then the word HIER (here). It was as if I was led to create this. So I did. Creating is one of the best ways to lose oneself into our center. I had forgotten that core message. Time to get back to my own creations.

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