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August – vacation? There is a pause with no courses at the moment; so time to get cracking again with my own artwork. However! There are always duties that can get in the way between dream and deed, and practical objections …. The preparations for the autumn classes requires a lot of time. Organization and updating of the training, preparation of new workshops, and preparing for new groups of students. Not to mention the whole revision of both my personal website as well as the DIY Textile School website! Did you notice?

Setting goals, making new plans, coming up with new ideas are all task drivers! Sometimes I am afraid that I am too busy to make art myself. But since I did my Master’s year myself, I really know that there is only one way in which I can continue as an artist: by finding or making time for it. Of course not all the bumps along the way are listed here. Especially the question, what will I do if I do not immediately overflow from the creative ideas?
How do I get back into the creative flow?

Of course there are different methods for this. Some people prefer to work with an idea, a concept. Others get their inspiration from the materials they have in their hands. When I want to get back in the flow, I play with new materials and try out new techniques. But also what works well for me: finishing old projects! Just to oil the creative engine.

I can wait for inspiration until it weighs me down, but it is much better to just get started, make room and have fun in the process. I know for me the inspiration will come naturally. So I get out my old projects, pull out new materials and get to work and although it is not much, I’m experimenting, I’m creating.

I play with resins, acrylic paint skins, melting and fusing pieces together and writing up new ideas. Furthermore I am busy cutting, pasting, sewing, drawing and a bit of everything. I like to combine different materials. After all, I am a mixed-media artist!

Here is a look at the studio:

To stay in the flow, I signed up for two exhibitions this fall: the Handwerkdagen in Rijswijk in September (together with Stitch Art students from DIY Textile School) and the Textielplus Arts & Crafts Fair in Den Bosch in November. It would be great to meet you at one of those locations (or both!).

What I am most curious about: How do you make time for your creativity? Are you someone who works from a concept or from the materials?

Nederlandse vertaling

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